Sitting at home bored? Enjoy endless fun with this easy and addictive “Dice” game.

how to play dice?

Looking for the perfect “Game night” game?  I’ve got it – plus all the rules on how to play.  This is “Dice” – and it will change your life. The rules are simple – the game is addicting.

What is “Dice” and how to play it?

The “dice” game is an addicting yet simple dice-rolling game involving strategy, risk and luck! It’s a race to 10,000 points – play it safe and build your score slow and steady or take risks to accumulate points faster. A fun game for family and friends!

What do you need to play “Dice”?

    • 5 dice
    • paper
    • pen
    • 2 to 8 players
      (more than 8 will slow the play somewhat)

How do you play “Dice”?

    1. Familiarize yourself with how to score the dice game.
    2. On a piece of paper, make a column for each player, with a line dividing the columns.
    3. The first player to 10,000 points wins the game.
    4. Start the game by having each player roll a single die. The player with the highest number goes first. (If there is a tie, continue roll until a player gets a higher number)
    5. To get on the board, a player needs to roll and stay on a minimum of 450 points.
    6. Once all 5 dice are in play, the player continues to roll, while setting aside scoring dice until the player decides to “stay” and take their accumulated points; or the player loses their turn as a result of being unable to score on a roll of the dice (player didn’t roll a [1] or a [5] or three or four of a kind).
    7. A player can “stay” and claim their accumulated points, as long as the player is on the board. Non-scoring dice during a “stay” are considered still in play and are inherited by the next player.
    8. After current player finishes or loses their turn, continue clockwise to the next player.
    9. The next player can now roll all five dice as normally if;  a) the previous player has lost their turn or b) the next player decides not to roll the inherited dice.
    10. If the next player decides to roll the inherited dice, and scores with any of the dice, the previous players score is added to the score of their current roll. The next player continues to roll the remaining dice in play as normally until they stay or lose their turn.Here’s a quick example. If the previous player before you “stays”, has 700 points and ends his turn with two dice remaining. The 700 points are added to the previous player’s score as normal. Now if you decide to roll the two inherited dice and have scoring dice, you would also now collect 700 points and add them to the points of your current roll. You would continue to roll and accumulated until you stayed or lost your turn.
    11. Once the first player reaches 10,000 points the game is not considered over until every remaining player has one last chance to roll and beat the score of player who has reached 10,000 points first.

How scoring works in “Dice”?

** Please note that [#] is representative of the value on the face of the die.

Points for single dice.

Each single [1] die is worth 100 points.
Each single [5] die is worth 50 points.

Points for three-of-a-kind.

three [2]’s = 200 points
three [3]’s = 300 points
three [4]’s = 400 points
three [5]’s = 500 points
three [6]‘s = 600 points 

Points for four-of-a-kind.

four [2]’s = 400 points
four [3]’s = 600 points
four [4]’s = 800 points
four [5]’s = 1000 points
four [6]’s = 1200 points

Points for five-of-a-kind.

five [1]’s = 10,000 points and automatically win the game
five [2]’s = 800 points
five [3]’s = 1200 points
five [4]’s = 1600 points
five [5]’s = 2000 points
five [6]’s = 2400 points

Points for a five-dice-flush.

A five-dice-flush is achieved by rolling all five dice and the resulting face values are either:

[1] + [2]+ [3] + [4] + [5]  or  [2]+ [3] + [4] + [5] +[6]

Score 1500 points with either of the above five-dice-flushes and continue rolling to add to your score.

Tip for playing “Dice”!

Here is a little tip from personal experience.  You don’t always have to keep all the 1’s and 5’s you roll.  For example if  you roll the 5 dice and get  a 100 and 2 – 50’s I would personally keep the 100 and one 50.  I would then throw the other 50 back into the next roll, as it will give you an extra chance to roll another 100.  😉

Good luck and HAVE Fun – after all, that’s what its all about.


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